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heckel Hyperthermia | Medical Principle

Whole-body hyperthermia

heckel ht 3000A healthy organism reacts to the threat of illness with regulated increases in temperature, progressing in acute cases to a high fever which can trigger an enhanced immune response. Body temperature plays a crucial role in the regulation of the immune system. Fever can be considered as being a natural temporary "immunological special program".

Accordingly, an artificially induced increase in body temperature can result in a sustained stimulation of otherwise inhibited powers of self-healing, even in cases involving chronic or malignant processes.

The controlled and targeted increase in body temperature

Whole-body hyperthermia can be combined effectively with administration of pyrogenic substances.

heckel is committed to the critical and differentiated utilization of whole-body hyperthermia. Workshops, user forums and demonstrations at trade fairs and congresses facilitate the exchange of experience, discussion and communication. heckel systems are being used in clinical studies in Europe and the USA.

The three levels of whole-body hyperthermia (WBH)

Subclinical, "mild" WBH: 37,5 - approx. 38,5°C
Fever-like, "moderate" WBH: approx. 38,5 - approx. 40,5°C
Extreme WBH: approx. 40,5 - 42°C